PSD, translation company High-quality translation of texts, with which you will become recognised abroad


PSD, translation company High-quality translation of texts, with which you will become recognised abroad. What makes you different from other translation companies? In a market teeming with translation agencies and companies it is difficult to determine what makes us different from others. A while ago, the adjective 'the best' was very popular – the best at something or ...


Continuation of the “Mentor” project at the Faculty of Philology and PSD translation agency


21 March 2016 The “Mentor” project implemented in cooperation between the Faculty of Philology of Goce Delčev University in Štip, Macedonia and the PSD translation agency from Slovenia is entering its second phase, in which representatives of the Slovenian company will be conducting training courses for students at Goce Delčev University on the application of modern translation ...


Client who lost 70% of business sales


A client, who preferes to remain anonymous, told us his story. He lost 70% of his business sales in Italy because he entrusted the translation of the text on his online shop to unprofessional translators. He discovered why his sales had been dropping only ten months later. The website was corrected, the text adjusted and localised, and he also decided to change the trademark, logo and ...


Ministry of ‘Juice’


One more proof of why you should have texts revised. In Macedonia, you can see many mistakes in translation and the markings at particular places on the streets, such as the airport of 'Alexander of Macedon', etc. The Ministry of Justice boasts the sign 'Ministry of Juice'. More on this can be found at BulevarB92.


Cadet world championship in handball


Our philosophy : support the young! Overall support of the successful people ,but not always to support only intellectual accomplishments, especially if there are young people which want to go in  the direction of sports. The starting basis is excellent. This world needs healthy people. People that grow up in a healthy and stimulating environment. It starts always at home with ...


Why do we help children?


Dear Sir, we would like to thank you again for supporting the Jumicar programme, which was carried out successfully at  Kamnica and Drago Kobal primary schools in Maribor. Everybody was very pleased with the implementation and efficiency of the programme – not to mention the children’s enthusiasm – since the children participated in the theoretical part and combined the theory ...

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