How to increase the sales and recognition of your company in an online market of 2 billion. Why do you need translations of websites and mobile applications?

Prevajanje tehničnih in strokovnih besedil

Kako povečati prodajo in prepoznavnost vašega podjetja na dve milijardi velikem spletnem trgu? Zakaj prevod spletnih strani in mobilnih aplikacij?


How to increase the sales and recognition of your company in an online market of 2 billion. Why do you need translations of websites and mobile applications?


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    Our translation services

    PSD offers high-quality services in more than 73 languages. With our help, all your clients will understand you.

    Expert translations

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    Certified court translations

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    Written translations

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    Localisation of websites

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    Project management

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    Order, pay and receive your translation. Select PayAsYouGo option under the FREE Quick Offer tag. Enter all data, select your payment method, complete the order and expect your translation via e-mail or in your PSD Extranet profile.

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    Simultaneous interpretation booths

    Professional conference equipment is necessary for simultaneous interpreting at events, seminars and conferences. The interpreter works from a sound-proof booth and has no direct contact with the speaker, because the speech is heard through headphones.

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    How do we ensure quality?

    The diagram shows the translation process which we use to bring quality services to our clients.

    Our advantages

    Twelve years of experience and involvement in translation guarantees high-quality and professionalism. At PSD, we offer you 100% quality, and we refund your fee if you are not satisfied with our services.

    Safety and flexibility

    Our objective is to produce high-quality translations. A translation goes through five phases...

    Safety and flexibility
    Translating into 73 languages

    Technical translations, court-certified translations, website localisation and interpreting...

    Translation services
    Very fast translations

    PSD is a reliable partner when you are in urgent need of translation services...

    Quick translations
    Connecting partners

    The PSD Group strives to share with those who wish to share with others...

    Connecting partners


    Our translation tools ensure the consistency of your translations. We have developed our own tools with which we can optimise your time when ordering, implementing and archiving your projects.

    PSD Extranet System

    Monitor your translation projects in real time with a tool to track their current status.

    PSD Extranet technology enables you to load all projects in electronic form in a matter of minutes. You will receive a detailed cost estimate. The status of the translation project can be monitored in real time 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

    Safe and centralised management of a terminological database for your company
    The PSD Extranet System, together with a web dictionary module, enables authorised users to enter, approve and share terminology typical of their field.

    All the tools for efficient project monitoring
    PSD Extranet is available free of charge to all clients of PSD translation agency.
    Application and start-up are simple and free of charge.


    PSD WEB Dictionary

    An intelligent tool for creating a base of expert terminology from a client’s field of work
    In addition to the compliance and consistency of translations, we also offer our clients an opportunity to create a terminological base of expert terms and phrases or the use of an existing base. These databases include special technical words and phrases used by your company or in your field.

    The Web Dictionary is available to all clients who use the PSD Extranet System.

     LEXICON: This function enables you to search for words or phrases in your dictionary.
     MULTI-LANGUAGE: This function enables an overview of words or phrases for several selected language combinations.
     ADD WORD: This function enables the addition of new words from your expert field. The words are added by a translator or reviser.
     APPROVE: This function enables the translator, reviser and client to harmonise the translation and ensure its consistency.
    nd ensure its consistency.

    PSD Support Centre

    PSD Support Centre allows you to report errors.
    With a simple click, you can easily write to us about any potential issue and we will help you as quickly as possible.

    Thank you for using our Support Centre

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