PSD Extranet system

Monitor your projects in real time with tools for following your project status.

Safe, centralised management of a terminological database for your company.
• Follow the translation process in real time
• 24-hour access to your translations
• Notes and correspondence with the simple use of the comment box in your profile
• Access to other tools, particularly your own dictionary
• Upload large files
• Archive of translations

The PSD Extranet System with the Web Dictionary module for authorised users allows you to write, approve or share terminology typical of your professional field.
All the tools you need to effectively monitor your projects. PSD Extranet is free for all clients of the PSD translation agency.

With PSD Extranet, you can upload all of your projects in electronic form in a matter of minutes. You will receive a detailed cost estimate. You can monitor the state of the project in real time, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Any client can access their personal profile on PSD Extranet, which contains all of the translations we have done for you.

 PSD Web Dictionary

This is an intelligent tool for creating a database of professional terminology from your professional field.

To ensure the full compatibility and consistency of translations, we offer the possibility of forming terminological databases of expert expressions and phrases or the use of previously created databases.

These databases consist of special technical words and/or phrases which are used in your company or activity. We draft a dictionary with technical words in German, English, Portuguese, Hungarian, Serbian, Chinese or any other world language.

The WEB Dictionary is available to all our clients.

  • LEXICON: Allows you to search for words or word connections in your dictionary.
  •  MULTILANGUAGE: Allows an overview of words or phrases for multiple chosen language combinations.
  • ADD WORD: Allows you to add new words for your expert field. Words can be added from a translator, reviser, etc.
  • APPROVE: Allows a translator, reviser, editor and client to harmonise the translation and ensure consistency and quality.

Other technology and software

When translating, it is hard to achieve the desired quality without using terminological databases and tools which create memory bases, and automated tools for quality checking (proofreading).

Tools for creating memory bases
Trados is the best-known tool for translating (creating translation memory – TM). The other tools used in the translation process by PSD include Across, StarTransit, Wordfast, etc.

Tools for automated reviewing of texts

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