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Hop-processing sector:
HMEZAD exim d. d.
Website: www.hmezad.si
Translated content: legal documentation
Language: English
Greatest challenge: organising a large number of translators, harmonisation of terminology, short deadlines
Specific features: very technical texts

Construction and motorways:
DARS d. d.
Website: www.dars.si
Translated content: translation of payment orders (for vignettes)
Language: English, German, Italian, Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian, French, Spanish, Slovakian, Turkish, Bosnian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Portugese, Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Icelandic, Greek, Albanian, Hebrew, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Danish
Greatest challenge: organising the project and large number of translators, simultaneous work by several project managers
Specific features: many language combinations

Urban planning:
LUZ d.d.
Website: www.gremonapot.si
Translation field: tourism, agriculture, catering, sport
Language: English, German, Italian
Greatest challenge: large volume, quick response, large number of translators (29) and proof-readers and revisers (5), special and varied style of writing (different authors)
Specific features: complicated structure of the project, large number of translators

Food industry:
Žito d.d.
Website: www.zito.si
Translated content: entire website content
Language: English
Greatest challenge: simultaneous harmonisation between translator and proof-reader, localisation and proof-reading
Specific features: working with Trados (direct translation of html formats)

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