Dear Sir,
we would like to thank you again for supporting the Jumicar programme, which was carried out successfully at  Kamnica and Drago Kobal primary schools in Maribor. Everybody was very pleased with the implementation and efficiency of the programme – not to mention the children’s enthusiasm – since the children participated in the theoretical part and combined the theory and practice. There is no need to highlight the excitement of the children.

Thank you again and kind regards,

Nina Grilc
Jumicar in Kolesarčki
mobile: 051 377 420

Dear Nina,

thank you, our desire to help children will never cease; although, it is difficult to help everyone in need, especially today when there are so many people who need help. We encourage everyone who know us to participate in the activity, because an investment into children is always an investment into a better future.


Thank you all for your support.
Dragan Šibanc