We translate technical texts for various clients. Some of our references can be found on the list below.

sodni prevodi ikona

Office of the former President of the Republic of Slovenia
(Dr Danilo Türk)
Website: http://www2.gov.si/up-rs/2007-2012/turk-ang-arhiv.nsf
Technical texts: speeches of the former President of the Republic of Slovenia, lectures, brief news
Language: English
Greatest challenge: quick response, diplomatic language
Specific features: quotations from Slovenian poetry

Electrical engineering:
Iskraemeco: measuring instruments
Website: www.iskraemeco.si/emecoweb/slo/products/products.html
Translated content: technical instructions for measuring instruments
Language: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian
Greatest challenge: specific terminology
Specific features: working with the Trados translation tool, several translators of the same language combination and harmonisation of terminology

TCT Mobile: telecommunication manuals
Website: www.tclcom.com
Technical texts: telecommunications: user manuals and instructions for quick use of mobile phones and tablets; applications; telephone functions
Language: Slovenian, Albanian, Czech, Slovakian, German, Macedonian
Greatest challenge: specific terminology, consistency of translations, translating in a specific Wimtrad programme, urgent orders
Specific features: daily orders and submission of translations, translating with Trados and in a programme provided by the client.

Mechanical engineering:
Unior: technical instructions for machinery
Website: www.unior.si
Technical texts: technical instruction for machinery of great value
Language: Chinese, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian
Greatest challenge: specific terminology, challenging documents for formatting (text and image layout had to be preserved)
Specific features: large documents (due to images), working with the Trados translation tool.

Sessions of supervisory boards:
Supervisory boards: translation of documentation for supervisory board meetings
Client: confidential
Website: confidential
Technical texts: translation of documentation for supervisory board meetings
Language: English
Greatest challenge: quick translations, short deadlines, extensive material
Specific features: specific terminology

Technical sciences:
Delta: technical instructions
Website: www.deltaww.com
Technical texts: technical instructions
Language: Italian, Spanish, French
Greatest challenge: specific terminology, preparation of document format suitable for translation
Specific features: specific terminology, demanding formatting

Expert Translations

Expert translations – PSD Translation

PSD has subsidiaries in Slovenia, Serbia, Germany and Macedonia. With a group of over 650 translators, we translate in more than 73 languages.

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