Fast translations – 24/7 T


Order a translation and receive it in 24 (48 or 72) hours.

Immediate payment of the translation ordered.


We guarantee a translation of 3 pages (750 words) a day.

Why 24/7 T?

24/7 T enables the optimisation of your time.

Translation will be prepared by the agreed time.

The 24/7 T service is perfect for all who travel a lot and those who discover that they need a translation of a text just before a meeting abroad.

How to pay for the 24/7 T service?

The translation ordered can be paid for via the Internet.


Is 24/7 T available only subject to prior payment?

24/7 T is a service obtained within an agreed deadline and is subject to prior payment.

You do not wish to pay for the translation in advance? You can still obtain services without prior payment on the same form.

Is 24/7 T available only during office hours?

Our service is fully automated, which means that you can place orders at any time, although you need to pay attention to the time zones of our offices.

The service is automated.

Other clients can contact any of our offices about fast translations. Call us.

Call if your order is not confirmed within an hour.

Inform us immediately if you do not receive an automatic reply about the start of the project to your e-mail address within one hour from paying for your order. You can find out more about time zones, office hours and notifications by clicking here.

SOS telephone

We provide additional ways of contacting us if all others fail.

Call 080 24 24 or +386 1 541 61 26 or call and/or send a text message to +386 30 661 661, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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