How many times have you made a mistake when planning your translation budget and then received a poor quality translation?
Do your customers always understand you?
Do you want to optimise the costs of translation and maintain the quality?
Do you think advice on planning a translation project is a waste of time?

PSD translation agency also offers free advice. We can reassure you, so you can sleep better at night and your future will be more certain. If you want our advice, – regardless of whether you later place an order or not –, call us and we will help you.

If I were able to go back 15 years when I was deciding whether to start a company, I would have hired many more consultants than I did at the time.

Dragan Šibanc, PSD CEO
You can check our free advice here.


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PSD has subsidiaries in Slovenia, Serbia, Germany and Macedonia. With a group of over 650 translators, we translate in more than 73 languages.