Terms and Conditions for Using the 24/7 T Translation Service

1 Provision of translation in 24/48/72 hours (24/7 T)
1.1 The PSD Group ensures timely implementation of the service under the conditions published on its website (General Terms and Conditions and Terms and Conditions for Using and the 24/7 T Translation Service). Orders are accepted during business hours (enquire about business hours on the PSD website or call our office). Ordering and paying for your translation via the 24/7 T service ensures timely delivery of the translation to your e-mail address or to your PSD Extranet profile account. Other methods of delivery are subject to agreement with PSD and, if available, these are also possible (e.g. a courier or express post, the costs of which are covered by the client, etc.).

1.2 If PSD fails to provide the service by the agreed time, the client is entitled to a full refund. The refund is executed according to the conditions determined under points 4.1, 4.2 and ‘Unconditional refund’.

1.3 We guarantee a daily output of 3 pages (1,500 characters without spaces/1 page) or 750 words.

1.4 Notification within one hour
PSD undertakes to inform the client of the receipt of payment immediately, or no later than within one hour. PSD will start implementing the project within two hours.

1.5 Clients’ duty
If a client fails to receive a confirmation on the receipt of the payment within one hour, they should contact a PSD office, which will be able to respond to the client as per the time zone. The list of available offices regarding different time zones is under point 2.5.

1.6 When offices are open, PSD ensures immediate processing of the data of a client who is ordering the 24/7 T service. Outside the business hours of the offices listed among the available offices, PSD is not liable for any delays in the implementation of the project.

2 Cancelling the order

2.1 The 24/7 T order may be cancelled.

2.2 As with the procedure when cancelling orders as provided in the Terms and Conditions, the actual number of pages translated up to the moment of cancellation and possible costs of project processing are subject to payment (see handling costs of processing the order or point 2.3).

2.3 The remainder of the payment is returned to the client minus the handling costs of processing the order, which amount to between EUR 20 and 50 or EUR 100 and up to a maximum of EUR 500 (when cancelling orders of high value, i.e. over EUR 2,000). The precise amount of handling costs is determined by PSD and the client is informed thereof within in 8 business days. In the case of more complex cancellations, PSD has the right to extend the deadline for the cancellation of the order and the notification of the client.

Some examples of handling costs:
– all work done up to the moment of cancellation;
– working hour (the first hour cannot be divided; later, 15-minute intervals are charged);
– discussions with the client (15-minute intervals are charged);
– preparation of the offer, translation, glossaries, etc. (see point 2.7);
– other handling costs.

2.4 When cancelling the order, the time zone is noted in which the client ordered a service at PSD, and also the business hours of PSD offices.

2.5 More on the business hours of PSD offices can be found here.

2.6 A cancellation may occur at the moment when the translation has actually been completed, which is why all translated texts are charged according to a price agreed in advance, with a possible surcharge for handling the cancellation. In the case of overpayment, the difference is returned to the client.

2.7 The possible surcharge for handling a cancellation also includes an increase in the agreed price of the translation up to maximum 50 per cent of the agreed price, i.e. due to the costs incurred when preparing the translation, possible drafting of glossaries, research work, etc. The precise amount of the surcharge or the increase in the agreed price of the translation in the case of a cancelled order is determined by PSD.

3 Justifiable complaint
3.1 A justifiable complaint includes orders above EUR 50. From this amount on, every complaint is examined individually, whereby the client must prove that the translation was incorrect (incorrect transfer of meaning from the source to target language: error P01) despite the fact that the client initially provided suitable glossaries and material or pointed to a website or documents on the Internet, where translators were able to find suitable and correct terminology.

4 Refund
4.1 Full or partial refunds are implemented by returning the client’s funds to their PayPal or bank account (the funds are transferred to the bank account if the automatic transfer to a credit card or the card with which the client made the payment is not possible) or a credit card (if this is possible). If the costs of the refund are higher than the handling costs charged by PSD in the case of a possible refund, the repayment is not implemented.

4.2 The client is entitled to a full refund, if the contractor incorrectly transferred the meaning from the source to target language (point 3.1) in no more than a three times the deadline determined for the delivery of the translation, i.e. from the day/time when the client made a complaint or if the client requested the 100% quality guarantee before the order and has also paid of it.

4.3 Credit
Instead of a refund, the client may take a credit, which can be used for the next order. The credit is valid for 12 months.

5 Security of payment

5.1 The payment of the 24/7 T service may be implemented via PayPal or a payment card. Enquire about other payment methods on the website or call PSD.

5.2 PayPal payments are made directly via PayPal, which means that PSD has no access to clients’ data. PayPal notifies PSD after the client has made the payment. The implementation of the project begins after the notification is received. Due to possible delay in notifying, the PSD system will send an e-mail with a notification that the project has started. If you fail to receive the e-mail/notification within one hour, please contact us immediately. Our contact data depend on the country or time zone in which you order.

5.3 Payment by payment cards is also conducted via the PayPal system or PayPal partners. PSD does not receive information about which payment card the client used, which is why the client must mark the payment method accordingly.

5.4 PSD is not responsible for any abuse during the payment process.

More on payment security can be found here.

Conditions for Applying the 100% Quality Guarantee

1 Conditions for applying the guarantee and its validity

1.1 The 100% quality guarantee is observed only if the entire translation process is covered (translation, revision, reviewing, proofreading and final checking) while observing the General Terms and Conditions and the PSD instructions for implementation of the project (e.g. submission of additional material, glossary of technical terms, etc.).

2 Unconditional refund

2.1 When the client complies with the PSD conditions for obtaining the 100% quality guarantee, the client is entitled to a 100% refund when ordering and paying the 24/7 T service the case as described in point 4.2 and if PSD delays the implementation of the service, unless external factors or force majeure affect the delivery of the translation, in particular, interrupted functioning of the Internet, illness or other conditions affecting the occurrence of force majeure.

2.2 In all other cases, PSD retains the amount of handling costs as per point 2.3 of the Terms and Conditions for Using the 24/7 T Translation Service.

Ljubljana, 1 August 2017

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