Our philosophy : support the young!

Overall support of the successful people ,but not always to support only intellectual accomplishments, especially if there are young people which want to go in  the direction of sports. The starting basis is excellent.

This world needs healthy people. People that grow up in a healthy and stimulating environment. It starts always at home with the parents as role models, and continues with the leadership of, again, the parents. There is no better impact for a child that the one it has at home and perhaps from someone outside which guides him/her into the right direction. That is why we can never invest too much in children. In particular those who show that is not a problem to work, those who draw their life  path with love and admiration.

Even the youngest people have been part of our work:
*Protectees of the Training Institute Janez Levc have made us New Year’s cards; we have made them a party in the Beti and Cej child center .
*For help to the kindergartens with Fini institute from Radeč we have gained certificate for a tolerant company.
*In Štajerska we have supported the  Jumicarprogramme with which the children from OŠ Kamnica learned basic traffic safety.
*As members of Rotary Club Zgornji Brnik (23. 6. 2015),  many charity projects lie ahead of us, and as we said previously, we support the young and the youngest; they are our future.
Dragan Šibanc