Second PSD seminar completed


We concluded our second internal seminar, where we were joined by our colleagues from our subsidiaries and some external colleagues. We discussed the publication of our QMS (Quality Management System), which will further enhance our reliability in the future. We exchanged experience of different countries, clients’ needs and possible amendments to legislation, and generally assessed ...


Why a text should be proofread


Proofreading or final checking The image that greets you when entering Macedonia is only one of the many examples of complete trust in designers. People can make mistakes, which has been proven countless times, but we seldom learn from past experience. If you want to publish your text and be sure that the language is correct, then you should have your text checked or proofread. It ...


Absurdity published in instructions for a cooking range


In times of crisis and haste, when certain people and companies are interested only in profit and wish to save at least a little of what was previously spent irrationally, the devastating consequences of the low-cost principle are visible only when poor translations float to the surface and more people learn about them. The Croatian website published an example of an ...


The biggest translation errors


Hw wud u fil if I rite lik dis, wil u undrstnd, prbbly not. On some occassions, errors in translation, including some which are reckoned to be the worst in history, have even affected future events. Iran In 2006, according to the interpreter’s rendition, the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be “wiped off the map”. It was later revealed that what ...


We sponsor the Jumicar traffic safety programme


Our philosophy: We support the young! This world needs healthy people. Those who  grow  in a stimulating environment. It always starts from home with the parents as role models, and continues to the leadership of, again, parents. There is no better impact than the one a child has at home, and/or  maybe from someone outside of the home to guide him/her  in the right direction. ...


Will physical and legal persons be disadvantaged?


What will happen if the Board of Justice decides that they and the court will only have the right on UE for hiring court interpreters? On 11 February the members of the Board of Justice will decide on the proposed new law about courts and together with the potential suggestions for the amendments,have submitted it the National Voting Assembly. The voting is scheduled in the first ...

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