Are you organising an event to which you have invited foreign guests?
Do you need tested interpreting equipment?

PSD offers you the latest technology for holding your event.

Our equipment can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Multi-Caisses interpretation booths

  • PB 8002-220
  • CB 8005-220

In addition to hiring our interpreters for events which you are organising (education, lectures etc.), you can also rent interpretation booths with appropriate equipment (headphones). We offer the latest highly sophisticated equipment, which has particular advantages over competitors on the market.

Advantages of our interpretation booths:

  • it takes only 10-15 minutes to install a booth at an event
  • each booth meets the specifications of the ISO 4043 Standard
  • take a look at some videos of Multi-Caisses booths

The advantages of using Taiden equipment

  • faster transmission
  • repeat function
  • LCD receiver: the screen also shows the language being used, which is one of the main advantages over the competition

Examples of projects

Interpretation for UK Liberal Democrat Party

Client: Liberal Democrats UK
Source language: EN, RU, CRO, RO
Target languages: RU, SLO, EN, CRO
Location: Hotel Slon, Ljubljana
Time: 3 days (internal event, 50 participants)
Reference: Peter Lesniak, International Event Coordinator

Interpretation for Albanian delegation

Client: Spem
Source language: DE, AL
Traget languages: SLO, AL, EN
Time: 5 days
Location: Ljubljana
Reference: SPEM d.o.o


More references at Expert Translations.

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Interpreting equipment

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PSD has subsidies in Slovenia, Serbia, Germany and Macedonia. With a group of over 650 translators, we translate in more than 73 languages.

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