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BNI’s EMONIKA group, which we joined in 2012, has achieved its goal: EUR 2,000,000.00 turnover in one year. BNI membership has its benefits: BNI


We received a Certificate of a Tolerant Company


Everyone is tolerant – why do we need a certificate? Although we obtained the certificate, we do not boast about it in order to increase our sales. We only wish to show how easy it is to help children in need. It involves a neglible sum, which may make a big difference in a child’s life.


About the commitment of the Slovenian Management


This year’s Managerial Congress was unique.Just like all congresses, the meetings of the associations for quality, BNI meetings, etc… are in a hall in which, usually is collecting the largest number of positive thinking people, everything runs very fast. The key visitor was sure that the next day will start with a new chapter. I ask myself many times, why should we wait ...


Are you translating a website or a catalogue?


We translated the next issue of the foreign-language magazine of Finance newspaper. The client, Finance newspaper, wrote, “On this occasion, inform your colleagues that we were pleased with our cooperation.” The magazine, Slovenia Invites You!, which was published in Russia as a supplement to the business magazine 'Invest to West', can be found here. Like newspapers, ...


How to translate newspapers published in 30,000 copies or more?


  11 August 2014 PSD translated a supplement to the Finance newspaper which was published in Austria in 30,000 copies In July, we completed the translation of the supplement on Slovenia and the Slovenian economy, which Finance newspaper issued as a supplement to the business weekly 'Format', printed in 30,000 copies. When translating, we always engage revisers and final ...


We translated a political declaration on strengthened relations between Slovenia and Serbia


3 June 2014 When translating important documents, it is of the utmost importance to prepare a glossary and ask the client to confirm the expert terms and phrases in the target language. It is crucial to have control of the translation process and to highlight the transfer of meaning from the source to the target language.

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